BCA Architects & Engineers


Fire Station, Wellesley Island, NY

BCA Architects & Engineers has been working with Wellesley Island since ?. The most recent project work included the design of the new fire station that featured (4) truck bays on the front of the building, (2) of which pass through the building to doors on the rear of the building. Other rooms within the truck bay include a mechanical room, storage rooms, and a restroom. Above these rooms is a mezzanine, which hosts a large heat recovery unit and is also used for general storage. The smaller training wing of the building includes a radio room, an office, (2) restrooms, a large training room, and a kitchen. The training room also functions as a meeting room and community room for different Fire Department and community activities.

In August of 2014, a fire had broken out at the Historic Guzzle in TI Park on Wellesley Island. The fire quickly spread through the old wood and masonry structure, quickly engulfing the entire building in flames. Firefighters from all around Jefferson County were unable to save the structure in a firefight that lasted throughout the night. One of the many occupants of the former Guzzle building was the Wellesley Island Volunteer Fire Department. The Fire Department not only lost their station, but most of their equipment and vehicles inside the building were also destroyed by the fire. It was quite a devastating tragedy – a loss felt deep into the Wellesley Island and St. Lawrence River communities.