Fonda-Fultonville Central School District

BCA Architects & Engineers and BCA Construction Managers have been working with Fonda-Fultonville Central School District since 2007. The most recent project work includes new roofing, turf field, upgrades to their auditorium, locker rooms, toilet facilities, and high school gymnasium with potential expansion and sound systems. Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical upgrades will include new hot water heater, interior drainage, […]

Boquet Valley Central School District

Boquet Valley is the newest school district in the state.  In summer 2019, the voters in the Westport and Elizabethtown-Lewis school districts voted to merge to become a new, consolidated district. The Boquet River is a small, 40-mile river that flows into Lake Champlain out of the mountains in Essex County. It flows directly down […]

Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery Central School District

CA Architects & Engineers has been working with Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery Central School District since 2016. The most recent project work included a new main exhibition stadium with synthetic turf, new track, new 600 seat bleachers and pressbox, new LED lighting, four new tennis courts, new exterior lift/elevator towers and paths have been created, reconstruction of their parking […]

Greater Amsterdam Central School District

BCA Architects & Engineers has worked with the Greater Amsterdam School District to develop a comprehensive project that would address their most pressing facilities needs across seven of the District’s buildings. We worked diligently with Amsterdam to promote and pass a $48.9m referendum in the winter of 2016. The project was designed to be multi-phased over […]

Oxford Academy Central School District

BCA Architects & Engineers has worked with Oxford Academy Central School District for many years on multiple projects. A $10.8m, three phased project provided much needed improvements to their 1930’s era Middle School, as well as updates to their Primary School and High School. At the Middle School, new Art rooms were created, the cafeteria completed […]

Warrensburg Central School District

The Warrensburg Central School District Junior/Senior High School was originally constructed in the 1970s to accommodate 500 students.  Like many school facilities, the building included a moderately-sized stage within the cafeteria footprint.  To better accommodate school productions and outside theatrical groups, the District wished for an affordable, state-of-the-art performance venue. Decreasing enrollments over the years […]