BCA in the News: BCA Architects & Engineers’ Watertown location has moved!

BCA Architects & Engineers Watertown location has moved!

BCA has moved its headquarters office to Watertown’s historic Public Square. The historic “Woolworth Building” the firm now occupies is the original home of the F.W. Woolworth’s department store, situated prominently on Watertown’s “American Corner”.

“We are thrilled to be moving to 15 Public Square. It gives us a great presence in the city and anchors us into the community,” said Travis C. Overton, AIA, CEO of BCA Architects & Engineers.

“The fact that it is such a historic building and such an iconic part of the history of downtown Watertown, is important to us. The columns, the coffered ceilings, and other historic building elements were restored in a previous renovation project. These elements are pieces of the historic fabric that have been preserved,” said Overton. “Our office improvements introduce modern design and technology into the space, but we tried to do so in a way that respects these historic elements of the building that many local residents may remember from their childhood.”